Voto di silenzio

by Facing Stanley

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Recorded and mixed by Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast, Boost, Black Bomb A...) at Zouam Records Studio, Strasbourg
Released on 30/10/2014


released October 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Facing Stanley Strasbourg, France

"Le quatuor propose un rock aux limites du genre.Une musique organique et directe.Un bouillonnement sonore conduit par Massimo, chanteur à la posture clairement schizophrène.
Chant en anglais et en italien lorsqu’il ‘switch’.
Les deux langues y sont le motif ,le mobile, le modèle et le contraste maximum, la règle du je(u)."
"-Avant j'étais schizophrène, mais maintenant nous allons beaucoup mieux"
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Track Name: Hidden in the shade
Standing in front of me a beautiful dark glow
The only thing I can see is the dark side of my soul
Don't stay by my side. Don't waste your time
Clock is your enemy and it's your favourite fear
Your mind is like a sea but nothing's deep & clear
The Magic goes on and calls me to join her limbs
Dressed in a coat of black silk she deceives me
Hidden in the shade she's waiting for her prey.

Hidden in the shade she's waiting for her prey!
Your mind is like a sea. Nothing's deep & clear

Do you want to join my circle in order to rule the world?
But together we shall work wonders.Ev'rything could be under control!

-Don't disappoint me now
-Please don't let me down
-Saranno ai nostri piedi, noi saremo alla cima
-New slaves will come to beg for crumbs which we shall drop 'gain

I can feel your desires & smell your fears
Don't lie to me it's useless my dear
You could get ev'rything thanks to me, now
I just ask for a drop of your precious fluid
Don't be shy with me, Stan
But hurry up my friend !
The wait is very long
You can see you're not the only one

Down....I will never let you down
I will never let you down

Your mind is like a sea. Nothing's deep & clear
Hidden in the shade. She's waiting for her prey
You're not the only one
Like a sea - deep & clear - in the shade - waiting for a prey

I will always, always be around.... be around
I will never, never let you down... let you down
You can see you are not the only one...only one
But I'll never, never let you down...let you down
Track Name: Voto di silenzio
My spirit, my body in rancid trenches
Not the slightest draft of a possible dance
Came of my own free will among freaky weirdos
I made a vow of silence not to be among wolves anymore
Voto di silenzio as social unrest to channel my hate

You will hear the power of my voice
Only on ballot boxes or on stage
Too many believe the same thing
But they also could be wrongt
Yes il silenzio è d'oro but my fury is red
Non puoi fidarti, neanche di te stesso a volte

I wouldn't sell my soul anymore...not even to a girl
I'm creeping while some are dancing on
A dirty, foul and wretched dancefloor
Yeah I will not sell my soul

Innocenza ho creduto in sapessi quanto!
Ma, nella tua bocca tu mastica la mia voglia...e mi sputi adosso!
E vaffanculo!
My fury is red...

E vaffanculo politica infame, politica meschina
politica cattiva, politica infame...e vaffanculo!
Innocenza, I've believed in you...if you only knew how
But in your mouth you chew my wishes up
And away you spit them out!
Track Name: Keep calm & take your pills
She said: "You're in the spotlight
Regarding your sickness, before you die.
And your character is sad
Like a sickly clown at the funeral of a child"

Effimero è il disagio scritto sulla sabbia.
Nessuno si preoccupa. nessuno.

Wait until tomorrow
Nobody cares. Life goes on despite your crying

Keep calm and take your pills
I'm close to you.
She said "You should come and stay with me for a while"
Do you cry when the world becomes sad ?

Effimero è il disagio scritto sulla sabbia.
Nessuno si preoccupa. nessuno.

Wait there's no tomorrow
Nobody cares. Welcome to no-man's land!

From the depths of my grave I can hear a whispering death
Do you cry when the world becomes sad?
From the depths of my grave I can feel your pain my friend
Nobody cares, nobody cares, now.

Life goes on in spite of my death
You can feel my pain
There's no tomorrow, nobody cares, welcome to no-man's land my friend.

From the depths of my grave I can hear a blowing world
Nobody cares
From the depths of my grave